Down Again Lyrics

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We'll tap in to the local crew,
we're gonna learn the things they say and what they always do
Symbolize and leave then lies
You leave them all your trust and all your fears
Now something else to do, with just the bitch in you
Telling rhymes of little girls laying up inside
So turn your mind down again
Until you're mine again
No more useless nights
I can't take the fights
I'm bleeding tonight
Well are we down again
We're more than friends

[lyrics was taken from] Taking me all the way
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I'm waiting I'm saving all the words to say, to someone like you
You always knew me well, when no one knew me quite as well
And figure things out nicely like you do
When you were really young and careless as they seem
It seems you never knew the real me basically
Well my eyes go blind when I
Fade into the light when I know it's right
I nearly lost myself even though I know that now
I cannot see without the finest things in life
That make we wanna know