Miss Difficult Lyrics

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She was born with her fists all clenched up for fighting
She looked out the window and she laughed at the lightning
Just the kind of citizen this town needs
Welcome to Difficult, Tennessee

She was a thorn in the side of her sister and her brother
She tended to bite when they tried to hug her
She ran with the dogs, she'd be gone for hours
She climbed on the trees and she dug up the flowers

Raised on the banks of Defeated Creek
Every boy around was in love
With the black-eyed critter with the little bare feet
That they called Miss Difficult

She was skipping out of school when she was only 7
She hot-wired a truck at the age of 11

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Beautiful child, blessed by nature
Breaking hearts left and right when she was a teenager
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah

There's never been a beauty pageant in this town
But everybody knows well enough
There ain't nobody gonna take that crown
Away from Miss Difficult

Any guy would be wise to watch his manners
She comes down hard like a ball peen hammer
Tell her what she wants to hear, don't you bust her bubble
And watch how you say it or there's gonna be trouble

Here she comes, Miss Difficult
Oh yeah, Miss Difficult
Oh yeah, Miss Difficult
Oh, oh, oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah