A Shining Blaze Over Darkland Lyrics


Deinonychus - A Shining Blaze Over Darkland

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Look at the wastelands of tomorrow
...What a beautiful sight
The sand turned into black stone
...The sea turned to ice
Sunlight covered by eternal shadows
That the light of the moon has raised
The everlasting entity forever praised
... Oh... my Lord i will be blessed

On the land of glory
Where the wiseman speaks
All unholy powers come together
Mankind shall bleed
In their deepest sleep
Their souls will be raped
Seas of happines turned to tears
Heaven forever cries
In the forest of darkland
We worship the demonic blaze
Darkland the unholy place
We praise...

Always feed the burning flame

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On the ground the angel feathers lie
A monument to their helpless cries

Merciless, heaven no more
Those who resist
Look upon the mighty blacksword
Burned as offerings
We need the purest souls
Souls to feed the reborn one
Ruler of darkland
In who exists all demonic power
Growing every hour
The unpure holocaust
Goes on and on
We praise...

You ruler of almighty Darkland
You and darkness are one hand
The blaze stands for you
All the gods must bow!