Waste Of Good Corn Liquor Lyrics

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I have lost my blue-eyed darling, Now I sit with a broken heart By my cabin in the Carolina hills

Oh I loved a shiner's daughter Loved her true with all my heart Till she fell into her pappy's liker still

Oh what a waste of good corn liker From the still they pulled the plug
All the revenuers snickered 'cause she melted in the liker And they had to bury poor Lilly by the jug

Cousin Cale upon the juice harp Played a mighty mournful tune Kinfolks bowed their heads and gathered round

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Then I heard the parson sing Drink me only with thine eyes As we watch them pour poor Lilly in the ground


Now I'm sitting in the twilight Neath the weeping willow tree The sun is slowly sinking in the west

And I'm clasping to my bosom A little jug of Lilly Mae With a broken heart I'm longing for her kiss