1 Adam 12 Lyrics

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[Verse 1]
I'm predisposed for abuse I can take it so bring the pain steady
The thunder clouds they gonna open and let it rain heavy
I'm bringin' storms full of hail stones cyclones turning
I'm shootin' lightning my fingertips got your fields burning
Now I'm a stand back slam it and watch what I deliver
The idle thoughts of the huero loco to make you shiver
I got my mind on the struggle they tryin to make me fold
I keep on freakin' and tourin' to push my record gold
Keep money comin' is somethin' but what's the real earning
I blaze the weed and love it to keep the wheels turnin'
So what's up partner you know what you be doin's wrong
Bitin' my homie O.G. and Delinquente's song
The clock's tickin' for no man will time wait
So do not test me cause you know not what's my mind state
I take the consequence anotha level higher
I stand back yo dust combust and catch fire...

I'm takin it into battles daily fool
You know what's up so do not step and try to play me cool
O.G.'s in the back with scratches back to throw chingasos
Hit it hard core like I'm trippin' pumpin' to throw putasos
You don't know who be comin' up step in the ride
Purro huero loco Delinquentes LowerEastSide
Heard that O.G. and Blaxican got some dogs to drop
And rip the funk like this until the madness stops

[Verse 2]

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I Adam 12 1 Adam 12 come in 7 Mary 3
It's outta control pandemonium delinquency
I see these Latins and they're linin' up to do somethin'
They're makin' moves like they're settin' out to prove somethin'
But I ain't proving shit makin' moves yes but never the less
The gloomy West wanna put me to the test
Still these pop quizzes I'm passin' with flyin' colors
And these nasty habits is snappin' to make the haters stutter
Stick and move pursue that funky Latin groove
That O.G. Style provides that shit is beautiful
Oh shit sir it's the funk freakers
They strangling the mic and they blowin' out my speakers


[Verse 3]
There ain't flare like mine I'm always buzzin' often stingin' and
Fool you can't suppress no rest smoked out and drinkin'
It's a day by day pure weed with no tobacco
I move with speed and elegance knowin' who got my back though
Don't run with fools who take chances the dance is on and I'm a
I went from strugglin' hustla to strugglin' chart climber
It seems like I can't wait for nothin' but I'm a persevere
There's only heartache and sadness now is it worth it here?
Now I'm a keep on rockin' watch and move along
To keep on bumpin' and freakin' the delinquentes song
Cause I got dreams and ambitions just like the next man
My mission back on the road and freak the next jam