Beautiful Sun Lyrics

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I would do anything, to stay by Your side
'Til the darkness flies away
I'm lost in the shadows
When will day begin?
With the sun, beautiful sun

I'm grabbing for miracles, yeah
To feel You close by
To surround me with Your song

I know uncertainty
But truth lights the way
Like the sun, beautiful sun, yeah
Like the sun, beautiful sun

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And I have to say, I put on the line
All of my faith, yes all of the time
Eye has not seen and no ear has heard
I still believe the invisible word

Grace is my story, hope is my song
You have been so good to me

I should have nothing, but I've got it all
With the Son, beautiful Son, oh
Beautiful Son, beautiful Son
Yeah, beautiful Son, the beautiful Son

You are the Son, the beautiful Son
Gonna lay in the Son, beautiful Son
Beautiful Son, beautiful Son