merican Lyrics

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we flipped our finger to the king of england
stole our country from the indians
with gaul at our side and guns in our hands
we took it for our own
a nation dedicated to liberty
justice and equality
doesn't look that way to you
it doesn't look that way to me
the sickest joke i know

listen up man, i'll tell you who i am
just another stupid american
you don't wanna listen
you don't wanna understand
so finish up your drink and go home

i come from the land of ben franklin
Twain and Poe and Walt whitman
otis redding, ellington

[lyrics was taken from] the country that i love
[ merican lyrics found on ]
but it's a land of the slaves and the ku klux klan
haymarket riot and the great depression
don't get caught in vietnam
the sickest joke i know


i'm proud and ashamed
every fourth of july
you got to know the truth
before you say that you got pride


Now the cops got tanks 'cause the kids got guns
shrinks pushin' pills on everyone
cancer from the ocean
cancer from the sun
straight to hell we go

[chorus 2x]