Derange Lyrics

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What causes you to act the way you do?
What draws this anger up from the very soul?
Are you as insane as the things that you do?
This isn't the way it was meant to go
I just cannot feel
I just can't believe
Are you insane?
What you do is derange
Derange, throw into confusion
You take what doesn't belong to you

[lyrics was taken from] You rip you tear just to get your fill
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Don't care 'bout the scars of the blood you spill
Your actions create an anger I've never felt before
Anger 'bout something I never even saw
Your emotions aroused, your aggression released
You seek to pillage, the man is now beast
I don't know how you feel
I don't what to say
All I know is it wasn't meant to be this way
For you it's over for her it's just begun
It's now in her mind so where can she run?
She lies awake, it's happening again
You don't know but it's driving her insane