Subliminal Division Lyrics

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Consumed in a struggle of spiritual warfare
An unseen battle in my mind
A failure uncontrollable, persona inexplicable
A scar that the past has left behind
Rid me of this cancer, I want to be delivered
>From inner profanity
My thoughts are as open as words that are spoken
Is it split personality?
Free me
Take this from my mind
Give me

[lyrics was taken from] The peace that is mine
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Leave me vile intruder
With Deity I'm betrothed
To Him I am open
To you I am closed
Divine intervention, will rid me from this tension
Defiling forces struck down by the Grace
Subliminal division, abominable intrusion
The fallen angel put back in his place
You have no business here the ground that you tread
Is washed in the blood
Your stronghold has fallen, rebuked and forgotten
Destroyed by the Son