I Knew That Lyrics

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They said the world was a different place
Through the eyes of another face
They said the change would
Be slow in coming 'round

They said the sky would be burning bright
And all the angels would begin to fight
Over the reason why there's no seasons
And there'll be no day and night

But I knew that

I heard the words you were telling me
I heard your lies, your stupidity
But all these things you say to me
You just don't understand

You see I knew that

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And if you look maybe you might find
The words came from another mind
And if you think that you've got it right
Well, maybe you should stand and fight

They tried to talk but it was no good
They said you'd leave and I knew you would
I knew the time and I knew the place
But through the eyes of another face

I saw the words that were in your head
I heard the thoughts that remained unsaid
I tried to talk but it's much too late
'Cause I seem mixed up and I can't relate

But I knew that
What do you say when love is gone?
I said I knew that