Her Love Is Innocence Lyrics

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When they 1st met, he swept her off her feet
with a boyish smile, acting so sweet
They talked alot-got along really well
little did she know-she was entering his hell
Her love grew stronger with every day
She'd always wish he'd never change in any way
as time passed on he started to change
The innocence left him-he was becoming so strange

Her love is innocence
he took her by surprise
her love is innocence
in her weakness he prides
her love is innocence
love will always be blind
her love is innocence
trying to break from his bind

[Extra Verse]
things were going great
he was liked by her friends
he made her happy
she never wanted it to end
the days went by
and the closer they got
in her open heart

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perfect in others eyes
if they'd only known more
like what went on behind his closed doors
he hid it well by trying to act so cute
scared for herself she had to remain mute
with his short temper he was always ready to snap
with no conscience he'd set up his trap
she always kept quiet-scared of what he might do
he made her sick, left her black and blue


she tried to leave but she was scared of his threats
he was relentless and he never had any regrets
he'd push her around and then laugh in her face
held her at knifpoint to show her his place
wheres that sweet boy
she had met years before?
she didn't understand as he knocked her to the floor
she picked herself up and left him behind
all he has left
is his warped and twisted mind