Oi! Toy Lyrics

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Knew you from school- Over seven years
Never heard of nothing- Graduated Student-Council queer
Now you wanna hang
Got a skinhead boy to show all her friends
She's an Oi! Toy

Oi! Toy, Oi! Toy
You never knew shit
Oi! Toy, Oi! Toy
When you gonna quit?

Wears Fred Perry's and flight patches too
Doc Marten boots instead of her old trendy shoes
Kisses ass to hang with the girls at the shows

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High School talk shit is her game
Thinking that her lies will gain her fame

Oi! toy, Oi! toy
Never knew shit
Oi! toy, Oi! toy
When you gonna quit

She's an Oi! Toy, Oi! toy
Never knew shit
Oi! toy, Oi! toy
Better wise up or you're gonna get hit