Pushed To The Limit Lyrics

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He was a young boy in school
all the kids played him a fool
a quiet boy, no friends at all
he tried to fit but still felt small

Fucked up family-nowhere to turn
Kept his feelings inside-soon he'd learn
this boy was always left alone
maybe things would be OK if someone had known

Pushed to the limit
with nowhere to go
what did they do to make this boy blow?
Pushed to the limit
what a surprise
this quiet lonely boy-and 5 kids have died

Everyday he was pushed even more
holding it in, his hatred soared
The kids at school, hurting his pride

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/devotchkas/lyrics/pushed-to-the-limit] everyone ignored him-pushed him aside
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They called him a loser, knocked him around
all of 'em pushed him to the ground
He tried to defend himself and failed
til one day the thoughts in his mind prevailed


Next day at school he had a gun
kids continued pushing and making fun
not knowing what he had planned
they didn't notice the gun in his hand

Victims of their own demise
one by one he stared in their eyes
He pulled the gun and shot 'em all
and laughed to himself as he watched em fall

[Chorus x2]