Devour The Damned Lyrics

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[Vocals performed by Ruben Rosas. Lyrics written by Mike Majewski. Music written by Brain (Brian Wynn)]

Devour the disease filled scurge
that lurk beneath society
lepers that spread filth will bleed all over me
the meat of the healthy no longer does it for me
Crusty brown tainted meat seems to appeal to me
My blade will easily slide through the soft flesh
And the screams that ensue will surely delight me
fuck these decrepit ass walking filth factories
preparations will be made and the hunt will begin

A leper is found I slash at its scab filled throat
My hunger profound, its blood is brown not red
it struggles to breathe
air bubbles emit from its neck
I gnaw at its face, the stench makes me wretch

With anxious glee I puncture its torso
tearing from its neck to its asshole
inhumanly liquefied insides they've been rotting
inside for such a long time

[lyrics was taken from] its fucking filthy heart is still pounding
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I plunge my blade right in to rid this freakshow
I grab a handful of the seeping brown insides
and gorge the whole fuckin slop in no time

I peel off large pieces of its crispy flesh place it in my mouth it makes me
gag but I must feast
as I bite down I feel the crusty scabs pop

I proceed to slice off my fingers then my feet
the pain is oh so lovely

Half dead I lie with a smile
from ear to bloody ear
the stench of death and decay still linger strong in the air
my heart weakens and my vision fades to black
but I still hear the sounds of blood drip from my own wounds

[repeat 1st verse]