Lets Make Love Lyrics

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Everytime I see you
I break down and cry,
Cause anytime I see you
You always are sublime
I wanna be your man, be your world,
be my friend, be my girl,
be the one you're closest to.

Oh, cause when you're close to me,
My heart just wants to speak
And say these words to you
(Say these words to you, my baby)

Let's make love,
In a heat of the night,
Making love in the bed, on a rug, near the door, in a tub,
On a kitchen floor
Wherever it feels good,
Let's make love.

Everytime I'm near you,

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Girl, I get so high
I wanna be inside you
For more than just one night
I wanna be the man in your life, or your lover on a side,
be the one that pleases you

Ooh, whenever you're with me
My heart just wants to speak
And say these words to you, my baby, oh, my baby


And ooh, I love to love you, girl
(love to love you, girl)
Cause you're the ceil above my earth
And no one else but you,
I'd cry for you,
I'd sacrifice my life for you
That's how you make me feel when we make love
(Oh, we make love)
Let's make love tonight, baby.