Let It Roll Lyrics

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Ho, you know we got it goin' you know we

Take a minute to listen to what we talkin' bout
No time for drama we got a message we're letting out
G1C and the Father we gonna show you how
Let go of all the things that's holding you down
So just believe there ain't nothing getting in our way
Don't get caught up on the little things that people say
Just let it roll off your back and go about your day
Now all my people come and gather around yeah

Everybody (let it roll)
You know you wanna (let it roll)
Don't stop (let it roll)
Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll,
(Let it roll) you know you wanna (let it roll)
Don't stop (let it roll)
Let it roll, let it roll, let it roll

Hey everybody we just came to party like
Work your way down, down to the floor
Keep acting like you can't get enough

They want something that makes dance
Freeze! Got you in a b-boy stance
We! Won't stop 'til we get a chance
To see! The whole world dance to this track

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Body rock
Group 1 won't stop
Pop & lock
We got hip-hop
Whether you want it or not
God ain't done with what we got

Let this music take you to a place
Where all your problems roll away
Feel the rhythm in your soul
And all you worries let them go

Hey DJ play that stuff
I don't think they've had enough
You know how we rock it
Down to the ground won't stop it

G1C got what you want, wanna
Get crazy if you really want it, want it

Check it out let it roll off your back
Let them hate cause a fact is a fact
We done been through so many things
It always seems like the world keeps holding us back
We ain't got no time to slow down
The world is in need of a crew who knows how
To rock the mic without compromise
And still keep it fly and bring the funk to the ho-down