Movin' Lyrics

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Time to make your future unfold
And put aside what's killing growth
You know what's best for ya so let's go
Holla back if you really feel me
Holla back now if you are with me
No time to waste the clock is tickin'
Enough wishin the wells out of commission
It ain't no superstition
No need to make your prediction
Your destiny is in your possession
How bad u want it is the question

If you really wanna move you got to get movin'(movin, movin),
got to get movin', nothin left to do except to just do it (do it, do it), got to just
do it., if you want it want it go and go and get it get it, you don't have to wait anymore I

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can hear him calling, step through the door, where anything is possible

[Post Chorus]
We're on a mission a mission to bring you what you're missing no superstition this vision has intuition

I get, irate take the whole cake when, you hate I levitate then, migrate to a mind state when,
he appropriates a new faith hey we came just to change the whole game and we aim to maintain
the one name that, you've heard whispered among listeners hit nerves that ba ba burn like perm
fixtures yes sir, I'm about to paint a picture to get yer mind around divine elixirs sisters,
and gentleman alike there's a brand new dance tonight now get it hype

We're going live on the mic tonight in the studio, speaking truth and life into your stereo

You don't have to wait anymore its all yours for sure, let your faith walk it out now, walk it out now