already there Lyrics


Got a job at a dead-end place
I was happy just getting paid
Started smoking ten years too late
Didn't know life could change that way

When we met in the bar right when your friends were leaving
Stay still last orders, talking till three and
Asked me to meet you at Bloomsbury Square
Well, baby, I'm already there

I was thrown by your childish ways
How you'd laugh when I'd make mistakes
How we'd go without sleep for days
Ain't no hope in me thinking straight

Forward five weeks, I'm in your parents' kitchen
Your mom talks a lot and your dad does the dishes
You tell me that nothing has ever compared
Well, baby, I'm already there

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Got a place way too small for two
But you said it's enough for you
Found a staircase up to the roof
To this day it's my favourite view

'Cause you looked up and finished the beer you were drinking
Taking my hand, I could tell what you're thinking
You said, "I love you," for once I'm not scared
'Cause baby, I'm already there

Second summer we spent apart
Sleeping underneath different stars
They all said it'd be really hard

But I think that distance made our hearts grown fonder
'Cause I called and cried, "I can't take any longer"
As I look out the window, it's worth it, I swear
'Cause baby, I'm already there
Baby, I'm already there
Baby, I'm already there
Baby, I'm already there