Bamboo Lyrics


Oh la di
I get it in like Bomani
I done gone Bobby
And Built me a Bank
Can’t Nobody

Embodie Bonnie
I’m Bout it Bout it
I Body the Whole Lobby
I And I Don’t Need a Ghost Writer
My Mind on Fire Like Ghost Rider’s
And If I Go Ghost, that’s More Fire
On Deck, Like Roast Pirates
I Cook Up, Release, Book Up, Shook Up
Look Up Release, Pull Up, Pull Up
Know the Quality is Guaranteed
All I do is Cook Up What I need
Luckily We got a common De-
Nominator, serving to the Safe
Know I gotta keep it safe
Though I’ll never let it lead me stray
Same time, keep a sane mind

Sane mind keep a safe mine
Mine mine, keep it safe
People take, I ain’t ever seen a sane mime
I ain’t ever been Jemima’d
I ain’t ever made sweet
I ain’t ever been tamed
And I ain’t afraid to let you see my teeth

Flowers in the snow
All is just to grow

[lyrics was taken from] If ya didn't know
Ya can't say you don't (anymore)

Oh la di
I get it in like teaspoons
All with a grin that'll tease poon
I get the skins like teepees
But too many friends in the teepee

But too chins on the tiki
Will put you in hot water like tea leaves
But ain't no space in the teabowl
If you don't wanna get T-Boned
Put up, release, pull up, hook up
Took up what we coulda put tah
Highest Quality ain't guaranteed
If neva cook up what I need
I just got addicted to the sweets
Used to only get a bitter taste
Used to chase only for the chase
I ain't ever make it past the chase
Whole time, what my time fo
A fine foe is a Typhoon
I don't flown into Typhoons
So much I'm a finephobe

Oh it priceless to focus
Ain't no progress that's free
Depending on how you frame it
Ain't no friend like defeat

Flowers in the snow
All is just to grow
If ya didn't know
Ya can't say you don't (anymore)