Facts Lyrics


I smoke a lot, I should start my own empire,
Y'all starting crews, I'm starting my own empire,
Bars so fly, no way this is a plain song,
I would never leave a trace,
Whenever I do wrong,
I only prove em wrong,
That's the way I move,
I don't care if they're hating on my attitude,
I'm grateful for the blessings that I've got,
Man, I was always being kicked and pushed down from the start,
Now, drop the rooftop,
And I only push to start,
Yeah, I got the keys but I chose to break to lock,
I'm only bringing fire every time I'm at the spot,
She got wife material but too bad, she's a thot,
She like my vibe,
She like my company,
She give me head,
Now she messed up mentally,

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/lil-j/lyrics/facts] Looking fine and her a#$ aint flat,
She said 'Daddy, can you hit it from the back?',
Let me skip to the rap,
This is my flex,
I got chicks from overseas and they don't wanna go back,
I'm killing and im murdering on every single track,
They should put me in court everytime i do that,
Thats facts,
Im a king forever,
Yeah my bars infinite,
You should take your lyrics and add some sense into it,
I never had a limit,
I write a verse in a minute,
Never backstabbing im just foccused on winning,
I got nothing but love from the streets,
Cause im always down to earth like theres glue on my feet,
All your quotes are memes,
You can keep your advises if you dont practice what you preach,

Thats factsX2

Only facts in the booth man