Irresistible Lyrics

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Set in place under observing lights
And you're so sure they're there just to show how you glow,
But all that you'd hoped for just doesn't seem to feel quite right,
So make, make your rounds,
Find out who has been tried over thousands of times,
And buy into the bit that seems to work all too well,
Don't say that you've given up everything just to feel alive,
You wore your best makeup and perfect gown to make yourself look irresistible,

[lyrics was taken from] Nevermind the expectations of all the eyes and all the ears
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That care so intently to try and make themselves known and adored,
You bet all you've got,
The weight of your handcan incite a demand,
Don't waste your time and keep close to the warmest heart,
Don't say anything at all,
Words will only get in your way,
Show how you know all the reasons,
The reasons that keep the ground near.