When I Leave You Lyrics

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So sad.
You're not the one i wante.
It's o.k.
It's your fualt.
But you should take it with a grain of salt.

When i leave you don't come crying.
Don't want to hear that you're dying.
All the promises I made to you.
You only had to make them too.

You played and i let you.
Never anything that might upset you.
I felt so dumb.
The only differnce is that you left me numb.

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When i leave you just remember you were the one who couldn't do forever.
All the promises i made to you.

You know you broke me down.
And I don't be hung around a second more.

Too bad.
So sad you were the best thing i ever had.
It's alright.
It's O.K.
The only difference is I'm
Filled with hate...