Don't You Know By Now Lyrics


Darling, you can call me up and never call me out
There's limits to the type of love that I've been dishin' out
Furthermore, you're not easy
Heard it all, you're just repeatin'
Stay until I smoke my spiff and then I'm walkin' out

But don't you know by now
It could always be easy if you want to
And don't you know by now
That every time that I leave you, is it hard to
And don't you know by now?

Been textin' someone I shouldn't
I hurt someone I should answer the phone to, just say hello to

[lyrics was taken from] 'Cause you're something special, but I keep messagin' the old you
There have been a couple new smiles, but no juice
So step in to my hotel, the recipe's of my tellin'
Better alone at half twelve
These fairytales you make-believe, can never understand them
Wish that we could work tings out, but sometimes it's not meant to be
Every time we fight and make up, I'm losin' a part of me

And don't you know by now that I'd be
I know we're good together
But it's hard to not repeat
Don't you know by now
'Cause now I've loved you more
But don't you know by now
That's why I'm still unsure
And don't you know by