Talama Ashku (with Inteam) Lyrics


طالما أَشْكُو غَرامي يا نُورَ الوُجودْ
(How long I have ached with longing for you, O Light of existence)

وأُنادي يا تِهامي يَا مَعْدِنَ الجُودْ
(Calling out, O Tihami (Prophet Muhammad) O spring-source of all generosity)

Telah lama aku menanggung rindu padamu
(I have been waiting for you for so long)

Jiwa dan tubuhku pilu jauh darimu
(My soul and body are suffering and in pain from being far from you)

Setiap detik nafasku ingat padamu
(Every second my breath remembers you)

Dengarlah luahan ini Duhai Nabiku
(Listen to my words, O my Beloved)

مُنْيَتي أقصى مَرامي أَحْظى بالشُّهُودْ
(My aspiration, my deepest desire, is to reach the station of witnessing, and be in your presence)

وأرى بابَ السلامِ يا زاكي الجُدُودْ
(And to see the Gate of Peace before me, O you of purest lineage)

Kedua mataku ini ingin melihatmu

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/mesut-kurtis/lyrics/talama-ashku-with-inteam] (These eyes of mine want to see you)

Kedua tanganku ini ingin menyentuhmu
(These hands of mine want to touch you)

Meskipun di dunia ini aku tak mampu
(Although in this world I am not able to do so)

Namun di syurga abadi moga bertemu
(But in eternal Paradise I hope to meet you)

وعليكَ اللهُ صلى ربّي ذُو الجَلالْ
(And upon you God has sent peace, My Lord, the Majestic)

سيدي العمرُ وَلّى جُدْ بالوَصلِ جُدْ
(My Master, life has passed me by and I’ve become old. So, out of your generosity, grant me – grant me the union I seek!)

Selawat Allah atasmu oh cahaya hati
(Allah's blessing be unto you O light of my heart)

Dengannya kan terang hati dan sanubari
(With the peace & blessings we send upon you the heart and soul become bright)

Ku berharap pemberianMu di dalam mimpi
(My wish is for Allah to grant me in my dream)

Untuk bertemu Nabiku sebelum mati
(To meet my Beloved before my last breath)