Why? Lyrics

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Doing things that only best friends do
Always there for one another
Through the bad times and the good
The other night you held me close
Need to know did
We just cross the line
This other side feels so right
Won't you tell me why

Why? Why?
Why do friends change
Lovers take so long
Now that you've come around
Finally found a love so strong
Why? Why?
Why were you so near
And yet so far
How could I be so blind

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When all the time
I was in your heart

For so long I've been searching
For a love to call my own
Now I know I was only waiting
For the face I've always known
I believe what Heaven is
Just like this every time we kiss
Deep inside feel so high
Won't you tell me why

[Repeat chorus]

Now that I stop and think about it
How could I ever live without
Your warm and tender touch
I needed it so much