Sing Around It Lyrics

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Coming to me on this wind and rain beach
And I starts to singing your name
And the feeling I've got is that pure white spot
that's above all this pleasure and pain.

Singing Amen, singing Bethlehem
Singing a song in the rain
Singing your lover, singing your brother
Singing together again

Sing around it
Now you've found it
Overcrowd it back to your love again
People doubt it
Still they rouse it
Kissing their baby and getting insane.

And far off in this howling english channel
I hear you in the cold shantying away
For his lover she's an (
and he praises her like it was sunday

Sing around it
Time to hound it
Overcrowded, back to your love again.
People doubt it

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Still they rouse it
Kissing their baby and getting insane

Instantly walking the line,
Instantly giving the sign,
Instantly putting to rhyme
Instantly reform the crime
Instantly brought back to life
Loving your trouble and strife
Instantly loving again
Instantly together again

And baby you pull me
Now I'm shattered into pieces
And every piece glows for love.
And I offer up everything, dream songs, a spatula
Only this can save me
Only this can be me

Sing around it
Time to hound it
Sing along
If you don't know the words hum
Singing praise be
Now that you've found me
Singing now that I don't have to run