Caroline Lyrics


Caroline my baby
Caroline my sweet
If I married Caroline
So happy I would be

I wouldn't need no whiskey
I wouldn't need no wine
Wouldn't need much of anything
If Caroline was mine

Her daddy is a preacher
And may he rot in hell
I'd sell my soul to satan for
A bucket from your well

I know that he don't like me
I know he'll disapprove
But i'm gonna marry caroline
If it's the last thing that I do

If I was a painter
I'd put you down in paint
I'd hang you by the mona lisa
And put that girl to shame

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Or if I was a sailor
And I sailed the seven seas
I'd row across the ocean
Just to bring you home with me

Oh Caroline my baby
Oh Caroline my sweet
You make a man go crazy
Why won't you come to me

'Cause I've been feeling lonesome
And feeling kinda blue
I think I'd rather die
Than to be away from you

But she said boy
You know you've caught my eye
And I know you're sweeter than
Apple pie
But I like my man completely wild
So baby keep on trying

Caroline my baby
Caroline my sweet
I'm gonna marry Caroline