Excessive Reaction Lyrics

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to the point of no return, to turn me inside out.
Brother please, tell the others, please.
There are others that don't know about these...

Standing, responses.
Failing the answers.
Screaming so foreign.
Excessive reactions.

Bouncing off walls,
where the pictures hang of the last ones that made them fall before.
Taking it all with a grain of salt, and a bitter sweet memory of these...

Standing, responses.

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Screaming so foreign.
Excessive reaction.

Insane and bottled in, explain the state I'm in.
You're electric pulse can't ail my sins, explain the state I'm in.

Not so lost, not so fast, not reacting act so...
Not the boss, not the past, not reacting act so...

Gotta get me from the point of pressure,
to the point of no return to turn me inside out.
I know my answers don't meet your satisfaction,
but they cause your reaction, excessive reaction from you.