Two Tone Lyrics

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I said don't look at me I got a different idea staring doesn't help
you scratching through the surface all my physical fears staring
doesn't help you I've got a new I.
Two tone straight gay misfits runaway different from the rest of you
I said catchy kinda wreck it stop all this racket
and all your rejects wrapped around your neck
and then I see you coming from behind me can you hear me sayin

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can you hear the steps behind you I got the feelin what was the question
that you asked when you passed before me it was the comment
that you made that gave the impression that you could judge me people
lie strange surprise when I open your mouth and got ya hypnotized
won't you realize and give another try to someone you don't know
or have any idea who is coming up from behind can you hear the steps
behind you I'm looking through you when I make eye contact with you