B.I.G. Live In Jamaica (Intro) Lyrics

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[Jamaican host]
Ladies and Gentlemen
We're gonna ask you for some fanfare...the band fanfare because...ladies and gentlemen...sting has always gone ahead of itself.
They have done it again and again and again.
I remember the year they brought in the fat boys they were hotter then ten thousand fire sides.
And if you know...and if you enjoy hip-hop...if you want one of the coldest brothaz out of North America...a brotha that gave you a song like
[Bigge] Uh-huh...

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You hear a crew in Jamaica with something that goes like this
"Who the heck is this
Paging me in the morning
At the crack of dawning"
[Bigge] Yeauh!
[Jamaican Host]
Please welcome...for the first time...in Sting 96...Please welcome (welcome...welcome)
The Notorious....the Notorious...B.I.G...AKA bigge!