Know What I'm Talkin' About Lyrics


Paul Wall - Know What I'm Talkin' About

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Know I'm tal'n bout, already
I'm just saying though

[Hook - 2x]
It's going down, know I'm tal'n bout
(Know I'm tal'n bout)
I'm on the grind, know I'm tal'n bout
(Know I'm tal'n bout)
Every penny nickle and dime, well I still got time
Every dolla that I can find, know I'm tal'n bout
(Know I'm tal'n bout)

[Paul Wall]
I gotta get that money, I gotta get that cash
I gotta stack bread, cause I'm spending it fast
I got habits, that I just can't break
Just got a brand new car, cash on fifth gray
If I see it I want it, if I buy it I flaunt it
A Kenyon Martin high school jersey, worth at least five hundred
Everything I got authentic, from the clothes to the chain
A twenty thousand dolla mouth, man I love this game
Everything changed, when I started getting that money
From the land of milk and honey, when I smile it's sunny
Isn't it funny, how people say that money changed me
I ain't worried what they broke ass, think bout me
I'm riding on 83's, my rims are classic
24's under the Avalanche, looking Jurassic
Paint change like mirages, you don't know when you pass it
I'm big balling till I lay in a casket, already

[Hook - 2x]

[Paul Wall]
I'm a neighborhood trend setter, getting that cheddar
Nobody does it better, I'm a cash money go-getter

[lyrics was taken from] Looking clean riding spinners, on these Lone Star streets
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Spitting game laying pipe, to these all star freaks
We the boys pulling up, in them candy coated cars
A couple more in the garage, we some neighborhood stars
Check the wrist check the mouth, check the ice on the neck
You disrespect we put a price on your neck, watch your mouth
I'm on that South Lee, 8900 block
I hustle nonstop, to earn everything that I got
I'm hot I swang and pop trunk, the block done got crunk
Got plex we got pumps, cause partna we not punks
I got chunks of paper, filling my pocket
Don't knock it you can't stop it, just sit back and watch it
The fifth wheel I drop it, I got cheese in my hot pocket
We slow it down and chop it, know I'm tal'n bout

[Hook - 2x]

[Paul Wall]
You can hear me in my drop, a block away
The fifth wheel bow down, unlock and pray
The IRS, wanna know what I bought today
I wonder which lap top, I'll watch today
If lil' mama wanna bop, she got to pay
I'm in a Benz big 6, like Dr. J
I wonder which car lot, I'll shop today
I be balling real big, the proper way
Respect it or check it, but best not neglect it
You don't really wanna see, the parking lot get hectic
We big ballers, and big trucks with big ass rims
Blueberry with no stems, make strangers friends
Tighten up no slack, cause them people be watching
Them jump out boys be plotting, homie you ain't forgotten
In jail or in a coffin, or a hospital coffin
But I'm none of the above it ain't me, know I'm tal'n bout

[Hook - 4x]