Bloods On Fire Lyrics

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Brain to head, what is that for?
Vein to vein, torn and sore
Carpet so thick and worn
Blanketed, dark, and warm

Calm yourself, calm yourself
Blood's on fire, blood's on fire

Break the bed, burn the floor
Head to head, twisted, sore
Accident, never warned
Can't explain, nevermore

It's not in the spark
That's not in your eye
Like we used to talk
It's not in the phrase
That's not in the language
That we used to talk
Not in the face, you missed me. There.
Its not in the science
That we didn't learn
When we used to talk
Sit outside, penetance
Just let me know
Please say the words

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I'm all right, what was that sound?
Woke me up, now you're around
Pick me up, drag me around
Don't forget to breathe now

Calm yourself, calm yourself
Blood's on fire, blood's on fire

We all forgot
We're all lost in autumn

Calm yourself, calm yourself

It's not in the dead shocks
That dropped underneath us
When we used the car
Its not in the strings
We didnt pull to move you around the floor

Where are you now?
Pacing a faceless maw somewhere vague

You're not outside, you're not inside, you're not anymore
Where did you go?
Here's to the pranks we never pulled
And never will