Water Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Look, I came from the bottom
I got a homegirl selling pussy, right now
Don't talk to me about the struggle
I just hope that we bubble
Wanna put a Rolex on my big brother arm
Bust down to show him that I love him
But I can't 'cause he dead now
He was big blood riding for the hometown
On that dope boy magic tryna show out
Big chopper started ringing and it laid him down
I won't go back home, I don't wanna to see it
Reservation life a prison, what's the fucking meaning?
I been drinking on this whiskey but I’m searching for water
If I say I love God they turn me into a martyr
Can you tell me what's happening?


[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/rezcoast-grizz/lyrics/water] Oh, tell me what the fuck is happening?

[Verse 2]
She said I'm a rockstar
Got me sipping Wockhardt I just want love
Want my momma living right and they want my soul
I just know that I got, when I get it, you know
If I move back to the Rez, you know I gotta flip that shit
We was sitting in the struggle why I miss that shit
I done told my K'alla that we finna live rich
Then she had to pass away before I even got it
I can't pretend no more
I can't pretend this don't hurt
Lost my mind when I lost you
I pray that I'm gon' find you
Can you tell me what's happening?

Oh, tell me what fuck is happening?
Just tell me I...