Broken Silence Lyrics

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I grew up in the same places as,
Ricky got shot in the face,
I saw Abrahams brain split on the pave,
He jumped off the block, right where the kids play,
We used to sit everyday,
Chattin' sh*t, We all strayed,
I guess its deep-seeded urban decay,
From my angle I can see the ghetto burning away,
I wanna cry, I find myself turning away,
This kid 16, Burning the yay,
Mislearning the game,
I send a prayer for the pain

As I stand here,
Watching the world go round,
How it always gets me down,
Is it supposed to be like this?
Like this?
As we ride, (As we ride)
To gain an edge in life,
Someone always seems to try,
To come in the way, Is it supposed to be like this?


I come from a place where,
U can't tell what's round the corner,
Going to jail, Or fail,
Getting f**ked up,
Like them little black kids from Bronxtale,
Well, As long as we're living in hell,
In the streets violence will always swell,
I can tell u a thousand tales,
Documented and detailed,
And most n*ggas can relate around the world,
My nigga Kurt got found,
With bullet rounds in his chest,
Up in the ATL,
And the papers hate me well,
I'm trying to revoke the violence,

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Not promote the violence,
This is my broken silence,
And u can hear my screams louder than police sirens,
I'm tryna fight back,
Like my n*gga little Byron,
Just as long as I love and stay vibrant,
I shall provail,
And I shall not betrayal,
I shall put my hands up at the end and say I done wrong,
Only time I tell, fo' real


[Last verse coming from the heart]
I guess we need more stability,
It's like we're imprisoned in the ghetto and it's getting to me,
To the point where I'm feeling institutionalised,
Look in my eyes,
U'll see pain in it,
But who can decide?
Whether I stay entrapped in,
Packed in,
Or fly from the restraining of thoughts packed in,
Inside my brain but,
I proclaim that I will withstand the rain in,
In order to get out this game, plus,
The media, Government,
Tried to blow us,
But they can't out the flame,
Or doubt the name,
Sh*t and ur evolution's about to change,
Trust me,
Sitting round tables with the ties and shirts,
With the lust to discuss me,
You disgust me,
So I must be,
As level headed as I can,
To neva back pedal on the plan,
So we can all hold hands together,
Unite so we can live as one

[Chorus (x2)]