Angels Don't Fall In Love Lyrics

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I saw you today
Yea she's lovely, you're such a Heavenly pair
You hope and you pray
Someday she'll take you all the way there

You should know better, darling
When push comes to shove
Angels don't fall in love

You stand at the gate hoping to gain admission
How long are you willing to wait?
She won't give permission tonight

You should know better, darling
When Push comes to shove

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You've got your higher aims, got your ambition
You think you're spiritual and on some mission
I can see it when I look in your eyes
When you think of love, you think of compromise

It's no big disgrace, there's no loss of grace
The trouble is there's always someone there to take your place
And the trouble is you don't believe that it's true
When the sun goes down there's somethin' left for you

The trouble is I see you missin' so much
While you're knocking on all the wrong doors
Lookin' for some angel's touch
You think she's everything you're dreamin' of
The trouble is those angels never fall in love