An Inch Ahead Of Your Time Lyrics

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when they start shooting will you be there
when they start marching will you clap them
it's like everything I've ever wanted, turns to rust time plays its part

your diary's a broken record
full of love, loss and pain
you write everything you've ever wanted, down before you lose again

can you hear the sounds of the suburbs maybe
we could find a place where the ocean's breaking

will you answer questions when they beat you

[lyrics was taken from] or will you stand and stare into space
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you're an inch ahead of your time you're an accident waiting to happen
and you can't go home again, no you can't come back

ask your father for a ride before he loses
the keys to the sedan you know, lets go cruising
and ask your mother for some cash we both could use it
this could be the only day, so don't come back...

don't come back