Cats In Heat Lyrics

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Choose your mood and then start to wreak havoc
With your exaggerated sadness
The sadness that ensues
This is when I start to lose

Interrupted by flickering candles
The darkness that softened the angles
Though I am the reason
I am the reason

That I'm filling empty spaces
Where you left your mark
Take two steps back from all of this
Remember what you started with
It was nothing at all

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Back in Queens,
Where the stifling heat overpowers the air conditioning
You can keep on crawling away
But you're never gonna escape
No, not today

I'm filling in the empty spaces
Where you left your mark
In the soothing peace of car alarms and cats in heat
I can hear you breathe

Keep on telling me that time is no enemy
A worthless struggle to step back
And reconceive