Points Underneath Lyrics

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It was the classic path
You've taken the weekend home, you're believing
That things are somehow getting done
But you're wrong

Don't ever leave me alone, not this evening
I am cold and shivering without you near
I have begged and I have borrowed
From my friends, who once admired
Now they all have lost respect for me

Feed me the words to explain this urge
With pressure and squeeze, from points underneath
The streams in your skin are ready

[lyrics was taken from http://www.lyrics.my/artists/the-honorary-title/lyrics/points-underneath] And I can, so I will, just as long as you instill
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This fear in my heart
I just hope that you aren't alone

"Did I do something wrong?" her eyes start to question
Yes, you did something wrong.
You just failed to mention

Hopefully you will see that the plans and the dreams
That we shared in this haze
They all wilt away

You were wrong.
I just hope that you aren't alone.