Smile (ft. HSW) Lyrics


Never thought this day would come
We spend together for the last time
And all the stupid things we didi
Now we know that we can't be together

I see your eyes, like a shining star
Made it so close and yet so far
Wear the car like it was yesterday
But you're long gone

I, i really wanna make u mine
I really wanna be the guy
The guy who make u smile
I want you by my side

Nuan meh bintang
Penerang malam

[lyrics was taken from] Ah, ah..
Ba dalam ati ku

Enda betah aku sulu
Ngingat ke pengerindu tua dulu
Ayas nuan agi dipeda
Pengingat maya begulai

Enda sempat meh aku
Nyebut I love you sulu
Nuan pegi jauh
Ati aku sinu

Repeat [1][2]
Repeat [1][2],[1][2]

Produced by TIMO
Composed by TIMO/HSW
Lyrics & Music by TIMO
Mixing & Mastered by 96K Studio