Blurping The Blurp Lyrics

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Careless days upon a drift
On a scene without a shift
Lawyer called ans threw a spell
Sassy girl came with a long rummy smile
It's my own death that we programmed
But the seas they turned to ice
And the fire froze the sun
Nothing could show the way to stop the rub
She took a rope as it could be a lifeline
We began to play things without a shape
Some way off of school
No headline!
Midnight healed our fears
Melt a heap
And heady perfumes made me want for more
But the time was running so securely
To grow covered in meal
I tried to smile but, you were numb...
Ketchup traces in the sky
Looking at your neighbours' door
Grubby windows let us guess who's inside the shower
And who's divine
Perfect days, evenings and nights
Starry feelings to deny
What they want us to become

[lyrics was taken from] Robotic clones in dead inwards
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Falling from upside rain is tears of us clowns
Wind up watches now
Rebirth of autumn
Brings noises downstairs: is it time?
Time to leave the bag
Beg me please to stay by your side
And make stories yearn
But I just can jump to make believe
Sleep took me two years ago
And I'm not sure to see you next time
Told you mother you're not here
But your daddy's got a gun
Throughout fall pick up the leaves
Where are you drowned by views from reclusion?
Recent loves could not erase
Pieces lost from past time games
I will try the worst I can
Don't be afraid of things you're not sure of
So please follow me there puckish girl in white
High security quarters in my jail
They'd lock me inside if they could
Readymade trials
I demist the shades that protect me from sun and shame
Funny days they're gone too fast
Sometimes dreams send daffy hopes
Slowly I quit
Stuffy suicide