Numbness Of Highlights Lyrics

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I don't know what runs inside my thoughts
It's like an insistent beat
Guiding me through an endless cloud of blackholes
No need to imagine a big suicide
The end enters my veins
As a sneaky poison
Pretty girl don't climb to high
The fall never forgives
Come back sadness, come back
And lead me to the final headcrash
But I'm blind and memories fade away
As love begins to smelt

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In the backstage of your classroom?
I'm in a dead-end
And I wish I could crush myself
Against the climbing wall
Weariness became my kind of food
Come back darkness, come back
And protect me from my fears
Why am I just here
Sinking on a quicksand of dark thoughts?
I'm getting tired and I cannot move
I never could think you would drive me
To lose my self-control
Come back madness, come back
Never leave me alone