Winter Dancer Tale Lyrics

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Once again my face in the clouds
I've got all the answers
They want to know from me
To your hands
Fairytales rise in the winter
Autumn feels very strange
And the way to your room
Is so nice
So extreme in your wednesday bedroom
Not awakened, dream inside me
Try to lose my head in your pillow
Love obsession, real illusions
Maydays are coming from a split
Wednesday evenings are gone
But the fever still
Drives me insane

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I'm not sure I could face the strain
If we were underneath
A thin neon lightning
>From the stage
So dainty with your smile of devil
Too close to sleep, lead me to you
Hold my hand in a scenic railway
Never moving, encage my fears
If it takes one single mistake
To erase all the traces
I will wait for a warm overlay
See the screen of our new story
Inside a picture that's waiting
Hanging just there on the wall
Pools are boiled by a summer fever
We'll jump on it, dead-end diving
Leak of life through a smoky evening
Days in the spring, sweet is the drift