Jean's T.v. Lyrics

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I tell them every dream I've ever had

I tell them every place I have ever gone
And if there's a fear of empty space
I need to be surrounded by someone

Waiting for a chance that things could change
Or spend another night among the dead
Searching for a calming presence
I'm so excitable

Nothing happens, I just can't go on

Tell me why we have to live like this
Waiting for a certain, distant fall
Comfort is as unlikely as escape
And love is always so conditional

[lyrics was taken from] I'm tired of the tense and frightened looks
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Staring out these tired, anxious eyes
Looking for constant approval
I'm so desirable

Nothing matters, I have to move on
I have to move on
I have to move

I guess it's pretty self-destructive to ruin on what you create
What if I said it's more productive
Would you make a fool out of me?
Cause I'd make a fool out of you
With your cool guitars and rock-star eyes
thrash metaltional on cue
Or is it hypocrites, like us
That fear what truth can do?