Crucial Dream Lyrics

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words and music: Steven Rhodes
I'm so blocked
I can't write
I try and think
every night
my tied up brain
tries to free
itself from mental captivity
sit in my room
stare at the light
it burns my eyes
300 bright
I'm so bored
I'm good to start

[lyrics was taken from] I never thought this'ed be my part
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I stare and I wonder and I ponder and I blink
Wave my hand before my eyes find a crucial dream
If any of this has made sense so far
Just raise your hand and I'll begin again
I walk down the street
Hot city night
Here comes the sleet
I have no beat
In my head it comes to me
Reflections of what
I'll never be
But that crucial dream, I need so bad
Is what I always get, but what I never had