Memory Is A Strange Thing Lyrics

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words and music: Steven Rhodes
There was always that old man when a little boy
You don't go near his house or even close
And you passed his house you went across to the other side
He would sit on his porch and inside himself cry
Then 15 years later you found out that he died
Then you went back home, and you crossed on his side
And oh darlin memory is a strange thing
It's like a distant passed world that we'll never remember but we'll
never forget
And oh darlin memory is a strange thing

[lyrics was taken from] No matter how much we want to erase, to it we'll always cling
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Do you remember your first love?
I do?at the time I thought she was perfect but oh man how I was wrong
If I could just know then, what I do know now
I would turn in all my jersies and I would gracefully back out
There are lots of little things that we don't forget and we don't know
why but we don't regret all the little mischevious things that we've
done because aside from them life'd be no fun
Now as a little boy, everything made me happy
It could just be as simple as playin in a ditch or one of mom's homemade
I could dress up as some superhero, or some legendary figure to take my
mind off things at hand?but now I can't