Cut Me Off Lyrics

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would it be better if i slit my throat
take my neck, choke and choke
would it be better if i never spoke
stepped on stage and sang a single note
i left the masquarade before my true colors show
left in the garden without a single fuckin seed to grow
i thought there might be something more i looked and so
dream gurl denied, i swallowed pride and now i have to know
i have fucked it up
and now im back to where i started all over again
my solitude has proved to be my own hallucinogen

[lyrics was taken from] "olivia" knew she could just pretend
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her real-life barbie is something only i could comprehend
and how i wish i had a heart of stone
wouldnt care so much when i'm alone
my hope has gone to stop from slow
on the floor again i have to know that...
i have fucked it up
i dont need u anymore u fucking trashwhore
dont cut me off, u won the battle but the war yeah i lost
you have cut me. u have cut me off