Scratch Tha Dj Lyrics

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hey there boys, you look pretty cute behind that computer screen.
this is anastia.
you look pretty cute in all yr make up.
fake ballet dancer.
she said i'm a poser fake ballerina, she said i'm a
poser fake ballerina, she said i'm a poser fake
ballerina, said that madonnas a much better singer.
stuck in traffic with the radio blasting, dj saying something nasty.
says i'm a poser fake ballerina, said that Donalley is
a much better singer.
finally move get off the exit, find a station and park the lexus
find the room and the dj asshole, grab the mic in a
freestyle outcold
julie jammin up the v-u meter
revenge radio, nothing sweeter, somebody calls on the
request line, hey btrash it's about fucking time
play some records and tell it like it is, sick of creed christian rock jizz
can you put pt grimm on, what about some mannequin porn

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and we'll keep rocking to the break of dawn
fake ballerina
fake ballerina
fake ballerina
fake ballerina
we come from nina and tina to give to dina and lena
don't make me choose up between em 'cause i'm a fake ballerina.
okie okie, we'll do what we can, but we got to bail
'cause here comes the man, sirens blaring down the street
got to beat for a hissy trart
fucking pigs always on our ass, got to bail so we
better move fast. so we put on Nelly and crank
it all the way. distorted country grammer kickin every which way
speakers bumping left and right jet out the back door
outta sight, jump in the car and back on the
freeway, btrash goddamn, it was a lame day.