A Subtle Texture Lyrics

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a sbutle texture subdued by continuous motions to prove a form previously nonexistent illuminated by one's own mark exclusive to specific motions these are motions that can only be emulated in their truest form by their creator thus cementing one's own individuality in the medium which acts as the true root of human existence in this state we can create and understand our nature purified and devoid of clutter tha consumes free thought the physical manifestation of betrayal lies in the surface area mentality with nothing to anchor to there is no hope reaching for an epidemic to strike the world and free myself trapped by an ever-changing countenance with a static mentality an abundance of lust finds its way into the beautiful world and taint the sexless whore an illusion of hope beckons who will answer its call who would answer at all on and on into the world devoid of life never forget what they did to you

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