Idol In Human Form Lyrics

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how could this be all that was held true now is burned under suns of madness ruins of the beautiful structures graves of the fallen angels the angels that sang your name i am burning my memories they are too painful i am burning my memories for they are killing me like a blackened earth barren and desolate so i find absence in harsh words why can't i rmember it as a moment of trust when the words that redeem strike me with former thoughts i relax my soul fire in the earth and in my heart the relative circles and the intertwined majesty the only way to enlightenment was through pain a birthing ground for disaster when the words that redeem strike me i know it can only be a dream i felt her will to be reborn and daybreak destroyed me wishing away the deeds of the pasts throughout tiimes in the earth maybe an end will erupt from the earth and swallow us all let the eruption take place i want all of it to burn to prove my dedication i will prove myself worthy screaming for closing worlds to burn it was always deep inside now it has died

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