Any Road Lyrics

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Rollin' down life's endless highway seems there ain't no wrong or right way
We just keep headin' toward that distant light
Baby we're two restless souls never sure which way to go
But here we are flying' through the night
C'mon baby any road can make you happy any road can make you blue
Any road is just a byway when you're only passin' through
Out there on the horizon somethin' waits for us somewhere
When you don't know where you're goin' any road will take you there
[ guitar ]

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Never know what's around the bend baby hold on tight here we go again
While the highway behind us slowly fades to black
This road rolls on forever we'll find what we're looking for together
So move over close and don't look back baby don't look back
Any road can make you happy...
Out there on the horizon...